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My Commitment:

To provide the best prices and service to all customers.
My Goal:
To see to it that every one of my customers gets exactly what they paid for no matter what it takes.

Develop - To see to it that each customer is fully aware of all aspects of the installation. They they have a clear understanding of exactly what it is that they need based upon their requirements.
Design - To show the customers and the users how the information gathered and compiled shows the needs and the equipment and technology available to implement whatever their development needs are.
Implement - To install and configure each server and workstation as outlined in the development and design process. To also see first hand that all equipment and technology comply to the decisions made by the specifications outlined.
Support - To ensure that after the installation is done that service does not stop there. That the customer does not feel that the job has ended when the installation vendor has left the site due to completion. Most customers feel that they are not supported well after the installation is done. I want all my customers to feel like I am right there when they need me.

I have worked on sites where the is but one workstation at one office to hundreds of employees with multiple offices. These sites were configured with up to and including Telephone, network and computer solutions that were expandable for future growth. Every customer has gotten the best equipment and prices for every solution implemented.

Telephony Systems - Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), T1 ciruits (TDM and PRI), Converged Telephony Configurations
Networking - From networking home computer with wire or wireless, up to building out mulitiple sites with remote offices.
Data Communications - Dial-Up, DS0 (56k dedicated), Fractional T1, Frame Relay, Firewall, VPN, Internet Communications, Email, Web Pages (Secure and Non Secured)
Converged Communications - Telephone Company Solutions utilizing T1 shared voice and data, VOIP, Shared Trunk Configuration, Remote Branch Solutions

As stated in my goals and commitments are to the customer getting the best overall service.

No Job is Too big or Too Small !!!
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